Many modern stoves run at 80% efficiency.

They are super-efficient. Many modern stoves run at 80% efficiency, this means 80% of the heat produced radiates into your home whilst only 20% is lost up the chimney. An open fire on the other hand is the reverse, averaging just 20-25% efficiency with a rather wasteful 80% of the heat lost up the chimney.

Wood burning stoves are carbon neutral. Burning wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide the tree absorbs during growth. Wood is a renewable source. (see our links page for local suppliers of quality firewood)

Gas prices are rising, save money with a stove. You'll be astonished how much heat your stove will produce when filled with a couple of handfuls of well seasoned logs.

They are clean. Wood burning and multi fuel stoves are the simplest and cleanest way to enjoy a solid fuel fire. They are so clean in fact that that many stoves are now DEFRA approved for smokeless zones. Clean for you, clean for the environment.

Nothing brings warmth and comfort to your home like a solid fuel fire.